My Journey: Road to Entrepreneurship

What a Journey!  These past few months have been quite a ride.  Life is like a roller coaster–there are ups, downs, twists, and turns but eventually you'll begin to coast. 

In 2000, I began my career in the healthcare recruitment industry.  It was a role that I enjoyed and was successful in. Even though things were going well, as the years went by, I began to feel stagnant.  I’d sit in my office looking out the window thinking about life, asking myself, "What is next for me?" I’ve always thought about entering the retail/fashion industry, especially once I had my children, but I was afraid of taking my family on a ride of uncertainty. Had I thought about it even deeper, I would have realized that this thing called life is filled with uncertainty.  It's all trial and error.

Fast forward to 2017. After nearly 17 years of service, the doors of the medical search firm closed and I was left feeling broken.  The thought of entrepreneurship kept dancing in my mind.  This was my time, my moment to start exploring.  Unique Finds For Kids was an idea I had written down years ago in one of my spiral notebooks at work. I figured it will be a place where parents and grandparents can find quality, sustainably-made, everyday wear and speciality pieces for that special someone in their lives. Without any business or retail experience I felt uncertain (there goes that word again).

I began taking classes and attending networking events while keeping an open mind throughout my journey.  I had an eagerness to learn, connect, and build.

I'm happy to finally say that I am a business woman. Unique Finds for Kids is here!  The road ahead is long but there is beauty in hustling for myself and for my family.  Most importantly, my children get to see the "Mompreneur" in me.  It’s amazing what will happen when you build the courage to pursue your dreams.  It warms my heart to hear my daughter say, "Mommy, you are Magic", or when my son says, “ Mommy, I'm proud of you.” My eyes well up with tears when my husband says, "You can do it!”

To the individuals who are contemplating entrepreneurship, go for it! We have one life to live, so live it!  Align yourself with like minded individuals who you can lean on during this roller-coaster ride.  My support and inspiration comes from family, friends, fellow business owners, and my mentor at Shanbhag Enterprises.

Trust me! Don’t let fear hinder you from your dreams.  It's never too late to explore new interests.  We are entitled to changing the narrative.  Once you open yourself up to the idea of change, opportunities will present themselves and connections will be made that will be beneficial to your growth as an entrepreneur.   

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.  Influencer Cheryl Woods says it best, “Walk into every room knowing that you belong, stop declining your seat at the table because you feel inadequate or unqualified. The more you take a seat at the table, the more qualified you become.”  It's going to take time, hard work and dedication, lots of research, patience, and development. It's going to require wearing many hats. Wear them! Work it!

Don't be afraid to embark on a journey of your own. As for me, my journey continues.....


- Yolanda 





  • Dolores M. Holton

    Love it! I wish you much success my dear friend.

  • Sherlon McKenzie

    This is beautiful, Yolanda. Congrats and continued success!!! YES, you can!

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